Our company

Our culture

We are committed to the satisfaction and success of our clients, as well as our employees. Our benefits package is generous and we strive to provide ample opportunity for advancement to our talented staff. We promote employee health through massage therapy, standing workstations, group events such as health walks, and more.

We are also committed to giving back to the community. We support a variety of local organizations and national charities. Employees are provided with 21 hours paid volunteer time off per year, to use as they see fit or for company-identified projects. A particular charitable focus of ours is Oasis, a haven for women and children in the city of Paterson, New Jersey. Our employees donate on average more than 5000 diapers a month to this organization, through payroll deductions.

Commitment to the Environment

Minimizing our environmental impact is an integral component of our operations. We employ management systems and approaches that reduce the use of energy and other natural resources, minimize waste, and foster reuse and recycling of materials. Our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint are continually expanding and evolving. We emphasize our “green” mission with our employees, and encourage them to brainstorm additional enhancements that we can adopt company-wide.

The Humorous World of Pharma®

We also love to laugh. Every couple of months we email a little pharma-related joke to our clients, colleagues, and friends in the industry. Send us an email to be added to our mailing list, or if you have an idea for a future installment. If we use your idea, we’ll give you…credit.

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10 Employee Nominated Charities

Our people

Jani Hegarty
Audrey Pezzuti
Bonnie Welsch
Talia Ades, MS
Stefanie Bain
Teri Ann Bajek, MBA
Keren Baum, MA
Daniel Begbie
Susan Bowes
Vanessa Breschard
Rosanna Burtamekh
Angela Calvo
Steven Candela, PhD
Lisa Caporuscio
Mia Cardozo
Ryan Carroll
Olivia Cavallo
Jessica Cini
Georgina Cintron-Dwyer
Barbara Connell
Karen Cromer
Lorraine Cruz, CMP
Kimberly Daidone
Debbie Darwick
Leslie Dorting
Rachel DiPaolo
Kelly Eckert
Sheryl Erani
SuEllen Farrell
Judy Fierro
Ellen Fischer
Brittany Fleming
Kelly Fletcher
Michael Funtsch
Lindsey Galligan
Laura Gartner
Stacey Gibbons, CMP
Betsy Gilshteyn
Eileen Giordano
Jamie Glass
Linda Gray
Anthony Greco
Holly Gresko
Jean Hallowell
Tina Hannigan
Karyn Hawkenberry, MBA
John Hegarty
Kaitlyn Hessman
Garry Hickman
Julia Hong
Mary Lou Hurley
Vjollca Imeri
Tom Keenan
Margaret Kelley
Michele Kirschbaum, MS
Frank Kung, PhD
Ali LaCroce
Donna Maino
Luciann Mazzeo
Lisa McGrath
Zach Minot
Valerie Mitchell
Diane Monaghan
Kristin Mone
Jennifer Morahan
George Morimoto
Jaclyn Ninos
Quentin O'Brien, MPH
Kathleen Ogle
Kera Pezzuti
David Pinkham
Nancy Pinkham
Candice Pisto, MBA
Maria Pollaro
Dawn Powers
Seth Prouty, MBA
Megan Puso
Elizabeth Rappa, PharmD, RPh
Rebekah Reddi
Jennifer Reed
Daniela Robinson
Travis Rollins
Stephanie Rothman, CMP
Jacquelin Scully, MPH
Danielle Sender, MS
Erica Sender, MA
Lexi Smith
Purvi Kobawala Smith, MS, MPH
Linda Spinella
Sara Spinella
Morgan Sterner, MS
Danielle Suppa
Sharon Thomas
Jessica Tuohy
Catherine Vallestero
Briana Winklaar
Katia Zalkind, MS, ISMPP CMPP™
CMP = Certified Meeting Professional; CMPP = International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) Certified Medical Publication Professional; HCC = Healthcare Compliance Certification.