Strategic Planning Manager

HWP is looking to add a Strategic Planning Manager to support organizational efforts to understand, appreciate, and utilize data in a compelling manner. The ideal candidate will work with the Strategic Planning Director to identify and deliver data analyses or coordinate with other team members to identify data sources needed to advance the process. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining timelines and budget information related to metrics (including ensuring metrics are delivered on time based on Statements of Work), identifying requests that are out of scope, and maintaining a tracking system for metrics based on type
  • Organizing available data for business development, which requires an understanding of business development goals and objectives, and conducting data analyses that support these goals and objectives
  • Developing the position into internally and externally recognized data, which includes a keen understanding of key elements in existing KPIs, metrics, and data sources as well as identifying key data when captured to advance HWP’s efficiencies
  • Creating reports for the Strategic Planning Director to present to internal stakeholders

The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, economics, or similar discipline, a knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry (less than 1 year), and an understanding of medical education projects and programs from a strategic perspective (less than 1 year). In addition, we are looking for someone with a demonstrated interest in data with an ability to take direction, work collaboratively, and be a team player.

Other desired characteristics/skills include:

  • Having an engaging personality that helps build trusting relationships
  • Embodying an energetic and enthusiastic demeanor
  • Having a working knowledge of Microsoft® Access and JUMP

Please send cover email and resume to